Answered Feb 7, Are the BTS members gay

He's scared of women but it clearly comes from a young guy being intimidated by hot women. There are many more reasons but I think you get the point. Cultural difference.

Homosexuality is still fairly closeted many gay

  • If he does like men, it is a variable. How you confuse me.
  • In conclusion; gay.
  • The Golden Maknae.
  • Namjoon: I think I am pretty safe in assuming that Namjoon is straight.
  • I know after all these long and unsure rants about other members, this simple answer must seem weird.
  • So, whatever he has with jimin, fan service or not, can never be real in the public eye. I think it's safe to say Jimin is the sex symbol of BTS and he often flaunts it with ruthless enjoyment.
Answered Feb 7, Are the BTS members gay

Japanese record business now views "K-pop as a distinct musical genre", with last two years seeing increase in popularity. Jimin , biggest hour debut, solo ballad "Promise" uploaded December 31, and streamed 8. Retrieved February 24, Ok, but it's actually Jungkook..


Answered Feb 7, Are the BTS members gay
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