BS u spew around toward colored gay people

As bizarre as these facts are, mixed and murky motivations are standard for so-called lone-wolf attackers, regardless of whether they are defined as terrorists, experts say. The problem with understanding lone-wolf terrorists or mass shooters , however, is that anger or hate alone doesn't predict violent action.

For example, the shooter who killed African-American congregants at a church in Charleston, South Carolina, ultimately was not charged with terrorism but rather a hate crime. Ask the Editor. Live Science. Question Margaret from the US asked when to use toward and towards.

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  • Standard measures for violence risk in extremists often fall short. Jihadist groups such as ISIS recruit in prisons, luring people who have checkered pasts with the promise of personal reinvention or greater meaning in life.
  • Perhaps the best hope for stopping terrorists and active shooters before they kill is to recruit bystanders, Bloom said. School shooters were also used for comparison.
  • Even then, the predictive power is modest, given that violence is a relatively rare outcome. The checklist turned out to be somewhat reliable in screening Irish Republicans and Islamic terrorists, the researchers found, but it didn't do well at detecting those who committed violence for animal rights, or nonideological school shooters.

As a husband of a woman raised by 2 women I can only observe that her 2 sisters are both gay. If you are gay, from the ages I would say at least, no one knows, including yourself, and therefore crimes cannot be committed against you because you are homosexual.

Gay is a sin, but it is not a true Christian who can hate another person. Some people are attracted to the opposite gender, some to the same, some to neither, some to all.

BS u spew around toward colored gay people
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