Gay bomb

As to the science behind this military farce, while various companies, peddling scented sprays and rub-ons, find it expedient to claim that their product contains human pheromones which have an aphrodisiac effect, lab testing has lagged behind somewhat in actually confirming any of this. Adams, who is leaving his job after 10 relatively controversy-free years, sent back a three-page answer stiffly turning down her request for the Enola Gay.

Release Dates. Sign In. In such a political climate, with rampant unfounded paranoia about gay people disrupting military discipline and morale, this project seems, notwithstanding its highly flawed premise, somewhat more understandable in terms of how they came up with the idea and why they believed it might be an effective weapon.

A few days later, on Aug.

Gay rights groups are growing in strength

But the question remains: how did they even come up with such an idea? Author: Andy Greenberg Andy Greenberg. Which sounds totally legit, obviously. Donald Trump warns ally Iraq will be hit with crippling sanctions if they kick out US troops over the

Gay bomb
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