Gay rights groups are growing in strength

People flocked here in search of companionship, love and security, though even in the Village safety was not guaranteed. I agree to receive the Index on Censorship weekly newsletter, monthly events newsletter and periodic campaign updates via email.

All the ingredients were there for an incendiary confrontation. Gay Rights National Lobby. On 28 June , in Greenwich Village, in a bar called the Stonewall Inn, gay men and their trans and lesbian peers would strike a blow for equality that would change the face of America and the world.

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  • In the United States, gay activists won support from the Democratic Party in , when the party added to its platform nondiscrimination clause a plank including sexual orientation. The Current Backlash and Religion in Latin America Despite this enormous legal progress, the movement in favor of LGBT rights in Latin America is now facing heightened resistance; in some countries, this resistance has achieved important successes.
  • Subscriber sign in. As a result, the region is seeing not only religious migration Catholics turning Protestants but also the birth of new forms of party—church alliances.
  • Texas , the Supreme Court reversed itself, effectively overturning the antisodomy law in Texas and in 12 other states. The current backlash has renewed vigor.
  • But focusing only on public opinion may miss other forms of counter-reaction. The gay rights revolution is clearly a Hispanic—Latin American phenomenon.
  • The following trends stand out:. Related Stories.
  • The current backlash has renewed vigor.
gay rights groups are growing in strength

How is the fourth industrial revolution changing our economy? Opposition to ideology of gender is thus a very effective frame to deal with debates in the post-marriage era; it unites conservative Christians across denominations, across countries, and even across continents.

While it is not obvious that this backlash will necessarily prevail against pro-LGBT movements in the region, it is clear that, except perhaps in a few countries, the struggle for the expansion of LGBT rights in the region is likely to face new and perhaps more complicated political obstacles than it did in the first 15 years of the 21st century.

In response, formerly secular parties have begun to openly cultivate the religious vote, much like the US Republican Party has been doing since the s.

Gay rights groups are growing in strength
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