Gays would mostly hang out at bars

Louis' Boys Choir. Michael H. Leave your girl friends at home; this spot is where the boys go to play. Time Out San Francisco. But when it comes down to it, people aren't gendered stereotypes. A lot of people come as couples too. You have to remember that there was a point in time before the internet where people met organically and in person!

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In the 18th Century, Molly Houses were clandestine clubs where gay men could meet, drink, dance and have sex with each other. There's a lot of othering that goes on, even within our own communities, and some of us don't know where we are supposed to fit. On the other hand, gay bars are usually welcoming of transgender and cross-dressed people, and drag shows are a common feature in many gay bars, even men-only spaces.

Hi Justinok, I'm sorry if I have made you feel as though I was lecturing you in any way. For those non gay people who think it's 'trendy' to go to a gay bar, or like to pat themselves on the back for doing it, maybe think twice Not someone to feed your good energy to.

Gays would mostly hang out at bars
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