I m I am 14 and gay

9 Questions Gay People Have For Straight People

And when I realised I was gay in September that year, and realised that I really did like this guy, I didn't try to supress those thoughts from my head, so I became more emotionally attached to this guy and loved the thought of being with him in the future.

Your sexual orientation shouldn't overly concern you Very irresponsible. I am attracted to guys but I cannot see myself with one in the future like as in together a relationship. Teenagers seem to be the absolute worst at keeping secrets especially about this sort of thing, nothing seems to be private.

Take your time. It's not hormones.

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I paused on our local PBS affiliate, where a huge choir was singing, and after a few seconds I realized it was the Gay Men's Chorus of some city or another doing a fundraising concert. What does it mean to them to be gay, lesbian or bisexual?

There is no one way to structure L. Right now, if your instinct is correct, your son is sorting through all of his competing urges and trying to determine which are his and which belong to society. Well, which genders do you feel attraction for?

If a teenager has a crush on a friend, Dr.

I m I am 14 and gay
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