It also excludes any possible gay conservatives out there by

Intolerant left targets gay Republicans

Well, is one that advocates for the death penalty of gays enough for you? As anyone here will tell you, I am the first to come down hellishly and hard on the typical gay activist, who I see as people who promote the worst possible behaviors and antireligious bigotry.

How do you think about the answers? Oh and caving into a worse force than the people here and at GOProud.

Be fearless in your gay dating pursuits

  • We first conducted a mediation analysis including resistance to change and sexual prejudice as mediators, adjusting for opposition to equality see Table M in the online supplement.
  • Well honest government healthcare.

Guest , became the second openly gay man U. He since has introduced HRC leader Griffin to church officials, at the December dinner and a concert following, while continuing talks. Is homosexuality diminished, if it is a preference, no different than preferring blondes, tall men, redheads, ect…?

Quite why sexual preferences and gay sex techniques need to be part of school curriculum is beyond me, however, but then again I grew when school textbooks told me that George Washington was great general and outstanding president with nothing at all about his sexual preferences, Andy Warhol was a strange looking guy that made a fortune painting Campbell soup cans with nothing at all about him be homosexual, and sexual education was about learning how not to have any accidental pregnancies, which is seldom a problem for homosexuals.

It also excludes any possible gay conservatives out there by
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