Openly gay men in pretty primetime tv shows

Among the series regulars characters popping up across primetime scripted television programs on the five broadcast networks, 26 are LGBT, while are straight. There's even an entire gay cable channel, Logo. Continue Login.

Dads, Journalists, Investigators And Footmen Neda Ulaby looks at the current landscape of gay characters on television, from the highest brows of Downton Abbey to the surprisingly welcoming world of reality shows. So where's that on TV? So we see gay men and lesbians in real life with babies — or "gaybies," if you will.

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In the final season, Jackson and Ethan are a committed romantic couple. Tyler is gay and the wise-cracking bartender at the club frequented by several of the other characters. Their separation was the reason for Flint waging war against the British empire.

Openly gay men in pretty primetime tv shows
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