Openness between gay persons and health professionals

Vatican official says Catholic church welcomes homosexuals

Third, the sample includes a large number of women whose sexual behavior puts them in important health risk categories. Am J Obstet Gynecol. Privacy Policy. Of all respondents, The questionnaire included demographics, sexual orientation, sexual history with men, and gynecologic history, as well as other items not covered in this article.

Older women were also less likely to have used a condom, which may indicate that public health messages about safer sex are not influencing them or that such messages were not yet available when they were having intercourse.

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This was justified because the goal of the project was to build understanding of organizational or professional perceptions of the issues to substantiate the need for further inquiry. Respondents' perceptions that their physician knew their orientation was significantly less common among those who identified themselves as bisexual or mostly heterosexual than among gay and lesbian youth.

Simkin, R. Kaye, R.

Openness between gay persons and health professionals
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