Ruling: Gay in a Birdcage Sense

As I said, it's like watching a straight men show what gay men are like, if the straight man had failed to ask any gay men about their experience and just made everything up. Blazing Saddles. The roughly three-hour program will feature musical performances and prayers led by notables including baseball player Mike Piazza and [bold]"Braveheart" producer Steve McEveety.

While some critics were less impressed, others saw the film as akin to the avant-garde work of directors like Kenneth Anger and Andy Warhol. The Detective is very homophobic actually, where Sinatra and his police pals trash the gays who are seen as pathetic outsiders - the murderer of the gay man would rather be seen as a murderer than a homosexual.

The movie just seems like some bizarre artifact from an alien place and time.

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The little snot! Though flashily acted by Robin Williams and particularly the flamboyant Nathan Lane, the movie tells us more about , when its original source "La Cage Aux Folles" was made, than it does about the '90s, when it purportedly takes place.

The small, wicked French comedy became a musical stage hit on Broadway for many years, featuring among other lost stars Gene Barry and Ricardo Montalban, that famous "Corinthian leather" TV huckster.

Ruling: Gay in a Birdcage Sense
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