Some thought that every man who sounds gay is gay

Has anyone stopped to consider for a second that at least a few of these 'women' are actually gay trans guys who haven't figured that out yet? Love, love, love, love I think I love these women. Not every gay man likes to go shopping and you totally negate bi-sexuals. Submitted by Jane Doe on March 30, - am.

You forgot children or animals after grandmother or grandfather.

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A typical example would be a heterosexual man who experiences an erection while looking at gay erotica. Spread the word. Some of the more typical questions sufferers are likely to ask can include those in the following two groupings: For those who obsess about not knowing what their identity is: How do I know whether I prefer women or men?

Some thought that every man who sounds gay is gay
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place for gays to share information 10770 | 10771 | 10772 | 10773 | 10774 since I ve never had any gay romantic feelings