How were gays treated in ancient Greece

The evolution of homosexuality: A new theory - Richard Prum

Sir Richard Burton summed up the Chinese in these words: "their systematic bestiality with ducks, goats and other animals is equaled only by their pederasty. Women were expected to be faithful to their husbands, but the reverse was not the case as husbands could freely engage the services of prostitutes, live-in lovers, and courtesans.

The first and most common was repudiation by the husband apopempsis or ekpempsis.

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I do not imply that there were no Ancient Greeks that carried on loving Homosexual relationships. Carol Cuevas wrote on 11 May, - Permalink. The law-court and the parliament were deaf to their pleas. Our best evidence remains the fragments of poems of Sappho that have come down to us.

How were gays treated in ancient Greece
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