Things Every Gay Male Portland Transplant Should Know

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A good bet after work or for the last call. It's a still a notch below trendy, which means that although you will find plenty of cute guys in here of all ages, you rarely will encounter attitude. There's sketchy evidence that Darcelle arrived in Portland with Lewis and Clark. Most Read.

Hank is a gay

  • Be nice to your exes.
  • Queer dance parties are also comfortably co-ed, and it won't be weird if you bring your female roommate. Point is, it's not all roses in the City of Roses.
  • That's real.
  • Get naked.
  • And bartenders seem to hate it, going so far as to put up signs that say "do not form a line" -- signs people form lines underneath.

Share via Email. This means friends who meddle in the dark arts might just supply you with a love potion, after all, if you hang around long enough to meet a few of their acquaintances. So, you might try investing in some weights and a fold-up bench for your living room.

Things Every Gay Male Portland Transplant Should Know
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