What s it like growing up gay in Colombia

Not to mention the Gay Pride Festival every June, which is massive and amazing. I had my bags packed when I told my parents. I knew this was a homophobic attack, but what made it even sadder was that when the story broke out in the local media, his family had altered the news to make it sound like his death was a result of gang violence.

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Last year, the court has also legalized equal marriage and adoption. I felt like I'd somehow stumbled onto these blissfully progressive safe havens where I'd be shielded from all that tormented me in my childhood. Follow Guardian Cities on Twitter , Facebook and Instagram to join the discussion, and explore our archive here.

Raids, arbitrary detentions, torture, sexual harassment and expulsion from public places are the most common abuses. I missed my connecting flight, learning just how little those working the border thought of us in the process. But their recognition sparked controversy among right wing groups, Catholics and Christians, who voted against the peace accord the following month.

What s it like growing up gay in Colombia
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